Friday, December 15, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 15 Kendhammer

12 peers made up of 10 women and 2 men found Todd Kendhammer guilty of the September 2016 murder of his wife Barbra.  Kendhammer faces a life sentence with sentencing set for March 9, 2018.  I am not sure how much you watched of how much you followed along, I didn’t catch too much of the trial, but enough to form an opinion.  From what I saw and heard there seemed like there were a lot of inconsistencies in the story, story changing and things not adding up.  Plus hearing that they never fought, never is a long time.  I have been married to my wife for 27 years and we get along great, however I would never say that we don’t fight.  It happens you can’t always agree with everything.  I have sat in on a few conversations about this death a few times before and during the trial and people feel strongly on both sides.  Was justice served? 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 14 Rodgers back

Brett Hundley did a fair job guiding the Packers, the 2 time MVP Arron Rodgers however is back.  We will see number 12 dress and ready to go on Sunday as the Pack attach the Carolina Panthers.  The Panthers are at 9-4 while the Green and Gold are at 7-6.   Both teams are coming off wins from last week the Panthers beat the Vikings while the Packers beat the bottom of the barrel Cleveland Browns.  Is the return of Arron Rodgers going to be the piece of the puzzle that the Pack need?  I think that there is more wrong with the Pack than just the changing of the quarterback.  This is a team that has for far too long relied on that position.  In the modern era we have been blessed with great quarterbacks and a few other good players, why haven’t the Packers worked on bolstering the rest of the team.  It is after all a team sport not a sport of one.  Is it fair for the quarterback?  Rodgers says that he is not coming back to save the team he is coming back to play the way he knows how to play.  This fan hopes that the rest of the team shows up to help.  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 13 don't expect

You never know what is going to happen in a day.  You wake up, you get ready for work and the day goes flawless.  How many times in your life has that happened?  My guess not too often.  This morning a good example, things seemed great, I got to work, I had to replace the water in the water machine, I put the 5-gallon jug in the machine got some water and started back to my studio, all of a sudden, I hear Joanie saying that water is all over the floor and the water machine is glug, glug glugging out water at a good pace, we unplug it, and take the water jug off, problem solved for now.  I guess what I am trying to say is that life happens when you are not expecting it to happen.  How many times in your life did you expect one thing to happen and a totally different outcome happened?  Many times, I bet, come to think of it not too many times has things gone how I have planned, I guess that is the secret of life, be flexible and be ready for anything.  

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 12 La Crosse and New York

Did you hear about the shooting on the south side of La Crosse on Saturday night?  I didn’t either until today when I read it, apparently, there isn’t a suspect.  What about the group of 6 nine to twelve-year-old’s who ransacked a house and stole some jewelry, a credit card, and a guinea pig, when caught they claimed they thought the house was abandoned.   Um was the guinea pig alive when you took it, were there lights on in the house, and food in the fridge?  Sorry kids but I don’t buy that, if it isn’t yours don’t take it.  What happened to La Crosse being a safe place to live?  Better yet what happened to us feeling safe at home.  Do you feel safe?  I mean yesterday’s news was all about the bomber in New York strapping a pipe bomb to himself and in a failed attempt to blow up some of the subways managed to burn himself and injure a few around him.  I guess we must go back to the whole if you see something say something.  We all need to be involved to live in a safe place.  

Monday, December 11, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 11 Santa

So far this season I have played helper for man in the red suit a couple of times, tonight, at The Rotary Lights at Riverside Park, I will be helping again.  Last time I was at the Rotary lights it was 50 degrees and this elf felt the heat, today it will be a bit cooler, but still going to be in a heated shelter.  Once you put on the suit and become the legend if just for a few moments in life, your mind starts to wander, at least mine does, and the slight panic sets in, what if I get too hot, and what if while I am sitting here I have to go to the bathroom, what if a kid uses me as a bathroom, what happens if someone pulls my beard or worse yet my finger?  What should I do?  What if the people show up and call me a phony…. what if this or that or the other thing?  The best thing is to take a couple of deep breaths through the beard, exhale thru your mouth and let out a hardy HO, HO, HO.   So far this year all the kids that came by were on the nice list, and their parents confirmed it.  If you haven’t been down to the Rotary Lights yet, I would suggest you do…bring a food donation to help to stock the food shelves, and Have a Merry Christmas.  

Friday, December 8, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 8 cost of life

We had our first measurable snowfall earlier this week, pretty soon It will be that time of year again when kids will be out shoveling show.  When my kids were little and I helped them with their snow shoveling jobs, I expected them to spilt the money with me, I drove them there and they used my shovels.  I took some guff for that from some of my friends, they said your kids should get all that money.  I disagree, they should not.  I took the money that I made from them and used it for us to go somewhere special, we used it to go to Brewer Games, the fair and Wisconsin Dells.  Besides helping a bit with the cost, it showed the kids that things aren’t free and that you should save your money.  I have carried on this trait when the kids got cell phones, they pay for their own cells, and we spilt a family Spotify account.  I just got notice from Netflix that they are raising the prices of membership next year, I wonder if I should pass that cost on to the kids?  Your thoughts? 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 7 Big Indian statue

The big Indian at Riverside park is stirring up controversy.  I remember the first day that I came to La Crosse and got the big tour of what there is here I got brought up to Granddad Bluff, was shown what a Chicken Q was, we visited the zoo at Myrick Park, I was schooled on that it is a bubbler here in Wisconsin and shown the Mississippi River, the La Crosse River and the Black River and where they cross the “Big Indian”.  I for a long time thought that the name of the Hiawatha state at Riverside was just called the “Big Indian”.  There have been calls in the past for the removal of the Hiawatha statue but I think at the time the city just fixed it up, spending about 35 thousand dollars to fix it up.  I do think of the “Big Indian” statue as a point of interest when people come for a visit, but at the same time, have been asked why it is there.  I think that it is time to ask that question, why is it here?  I also have the question, is there anything that can be done to the current statue to make it not offensive to the Native American People?  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 5 food share

Three years ago I was thinking that drug testing for food share was a good idea, today, not so much.  I think what changed for me is that food and shelter are the most basic of needs, if you don’t have food, you die, if you don’t have shelter, up here in the Midwest you could die.  I don’t want drug addicts to die, I would like them to get help.  In Wisconsin drug testing is moving ahead, Governor Scott Walker has approved the rule change to screen food stamp users.  Not sure if this is the best of ideas.  I do think that the basics should be provided for all.  Under this plan, childless food share recipients who fail a drug test would be eligible for state funded rehab if they don’t have any other way of paying for it.  I do think that the program needs an over haul. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 4 texting

It was 25 years ago yesterday that a big change came to your style of communications, I bet that you didn’t even know.  Twenty-five years ago yesterday was the invention of one of the biggest distractors out there, the reason for many car accidents and broken relationships, 25 years ago yesterday was the first text message.  I know that I was kicking and screaming and refused to use the technology for many years, my kids were using it and I was the typical radio guy and wanted to have conversation rather than text someone.  I will tell you what if the past 8 years or so that I have been texting I have sent thousands of texts and I will bet upwards of a hundred thousand texts.  It honestly is my preferred way of communicating when not face to face, it saves the hassle of picking up the phone for a quick answer, I know what time my kids are going to be home and I can verify an appointment and get a digital coupon for my favorite restaurant.  I like the time-saving element of it, and that if I am thinking about something I can do it now, in fact, sent a birthday text to my brother at 5 this morning, I will follow up with a call later but at least he knows I am thinking about him.  

Friday, December 1, 2017

Daily Dose of BS Dec 1 deer hunt

The official numbers for the gun deer hunt are in and so are the Wisconsin’s new no age limit hunting rule saw a few infants in the woods, actually 10 went to kids under the age of one.  I think that this rule is one of the most asinine rules out there.  There were 52 licenses that went to kids 5 and under and the youngest to register a kill was 4 years old.  4.  Seven deer were registered by five year olds.  I wonder if many hunters got licenses for their kids in hopes of only registering the deer under their names.  Of the 7 hunters that were injured 5 of them shot themselves.  The harvest included 98,364 bucks about .4 % less than last year. And a grand total of 195,738 deer in the 9-day hunt.  I am still trying to process how 10 infants were supposed to hunt.