Thursday, August 25, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 25 monopoly

Here's a good case against monopolies.  Look at the EpiPen.  The EpiPen cost has risen 600% in the last 9 years.  There seems to be so many people out there that have allergies these days, and so many people out there that are on the verge of death once they come in contact with their life threatening allergy.  And one of the only things between living and dying is the EpiPen.  Really Mylan officials you are you are going to raise your wages on the backs of those in need?  This doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.   I'm kind of sick of the entire Pharmaceutical industry as a whole, this isn’t the first time that we have heard of big pharm raising prices once they have the consumer where they want them.  I get that there is millions in research and trials but, come on. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 24 homework

I have always hated homework, disliked the fact that we had to do work outside of our school day, and as a parent, I really don’t like it because it shows me what I really don’t know.  I had problems helping my kids with math after the 7th grade and now my youngest ones start high school in a week.  With school starting and I am assuming that kids today like homework about as much as I did when I was a kid, it was nice to see a viral post yesterday about a teacher who doesn’t believe in homework.  The note begins “After much research this summer, I am trying something new,” then goes on to say “Homework will only consist of work that your student did not finish during the school day. There will be no formally assigned homework this year.”  I would love to have had this teacher.  What are your thoughts on homework?  Personally, I think that the kids get too much when your kids bring home more than 90 minutes a day, that is too much. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 23 lochte

I think if you make a mistake and someone points it out you should fess up.  If Ryan Lochte and his fellow teammates would have just said yes, we were dumb and yes we got drunk and yes we wrecked a bathroom.  I am sorry, I am made a mistake and it will never happen again, I believe that he would have looked like a hero to some and this would have been over for him.  But since he went on and lied about his stupidness that this is going to be in the news for a while longer.  I read this morning that he has lost Speedo and 3 other endorsement deals because of the back lash of his actions.  I have also heard that because of this he stands to lose 11 million dollars.  That is a big loss for a night of stupid.  On top of it all he is in his 30’s and on the tail end of his swimming career so redemption is probably not in the cards.  I hope that with this act of stupidity and his lying to try to cover will at least teach us that you can’t lie your way out of a lie. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 22 crime

Yet another reason I don’t want to be a cop, oh let me count the ways.  My wife woke me up this morning at 2:10, with a nudge and the words there is someone in our house.  It took me a second to respond, after the initial shock of what was said, glasses went on, and heart started racing and I was up and out of bed.  I heard a girl yelling and saw flash lights flailing, my first thought is wtf, then I got to call 911.  I then noticed realized that it was a scuffle outside in my yard, a woman was yelling at police officers in my yard at 2:10 am.  I saw at least 3 cops, in the yard, and another one or two drive by, when the suspect was finally contained I asked one of the officers what went down and why my yard, the as because she took off and we had to pursue her.  I thanked them for doing what they do and tried to go back to sleep for two hours, just try going back to sleep after something like that happened in your yard.  

Friday, August 19, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 19 hacks

We were in a meeting the other day talking about using Facebook live, and incorporating it into our radio shows.  Heidi said if you are looking for a way to hold your phone use a coffee mug and it will hold your phone in a perfect angle for going live on Facebook.  I liked that idea, it made me think of other life hacks that are floating around.  I have just seen a few online that work well for this time of the year like turning your steering wheel 180 degrees to keep you from burning your hands when you start driving or using a Ziploc bag for keeping your phone dry on rainy days.  I have also rubbed my house key on a candle to help to lubricate the lock, and that works great.  What life hacks have you tried and had work? 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 18 politics

I think the younger generation hates when us Gen X’er of the Baby Boomers talk about when we were kids, but here is something that I think will straighten up all that is wrong politically in our county.  This is so simple and something that anyone over the age of 40 has heard and heard more than once.  Are you ready for some earth shattering, ear blowing words of advice from days gone by?  Here it is, keep your political opinions to yourself, opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody’s got one.  Back when I was a kid people never talked about religion or politics because it would ruin the family or a friendship.  I think that if we go back to that way of thinking that we would be a better country and not have all this fighting amongst families and friends. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 17 lying

Every morning I get up shower, get ready for work and head to the computer to look at Facebook and then to check the news.  This morning I saw an article that seemed farfetched in fact seemed down right unbelievable, but it had an web address.  I clicked on it, and it seemed legit.  I then searched a few other media sources and then googled the story, it seems as though I was fooled.  The story was fake.  I then relooked at the story and the domain name of where it came from and it did say notice the extra .co on the link.  Why would someone blatantly lie and tell falsehoods.  I don’t care if it is in jest or not, people read just what they want with these stories then pass them on as truth.  I bet that half the stuff that we think is true is not.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 16 libraries

Just over two years ago over 200 people packed the South Side Library to show our support for keeping the library open.  Today the library is in the news again, this time as the topic of merger.  I kind of wondered why there were two library systems so close to each other when I moved here 24 years ago.  Mayor Tim Kabat is suggesting a merger of city and county libraries.  The story claims that the three branches of the library will remain open, I do hope that if this goes through that that remains to be true and that we continue to have the neighborhood libraries.  I know that the south side one gets used as a meeting place, and a safe place for this neighborhood kids, oh yea and a place to get books.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 15 death

Tell me something.  How is violent protesting going to solve anything?  In case you haven’t heard over the weekend in Milwaukee there was another police shooting, and as we have grown accustom to more violence in the wake of that shooting.  According to the Washington Post website Fatal Force there have been 587 police shooting so far this year.  So far this year 38 police officers have been killed in the line of duty.  There have been 10457 homicides, and 15564 drug abuse deaths so far this year.  Why aren’t people protesting this number there have been 909 domestic violence deaths so far in 2016.  Here is an idea, if you have contact with the police, listen to what they say, and don’t run or act like you have a gun.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Daily Dose of BS Aug 12 rides

Three of my 4 kids like to go on rides, the other not so much.  I remember about 10 years ago we went to Navy Pier in Chicago and took the kids to the Ferris Wheel, I was bound and determined to get my son onto the ride, he went but he wasn’t happy.  I look back on that day and cringe a bit, I was trying to force him to be not afraid of something that he was scared of, and at the same time annoying all the others around us.  I fast forward to just this week and perhaps he was right to be afraid of the rides, 4 amusement park ride issues in 5 days including a decapitation.  Plus, if I remember correctly a couple of years ago at a park we visited a park here in Wisconsin there was an issue with a ride within a few days.  Are you a fan of amusement parks, or rides in general?  I like the roller coaster and wild rails, also a fan of the rides that move your stomach from here to here.  How about you?