Friday, February 16, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 16 drivers

I think that the universe is messing with me.  This morning I felt great, no headache, my back wasn’t sore, my vision was crystal clear.  Not that these things bug me often, because they don’t but I noticed them.  I felt like hey I feel great.  And I still do feel pretty good, however it started right after I backed up and pulled out of my alley, I drove through the first intersection no problem, got to the second one and when I was just about there a lady in a crappy car pulled right out in front of me, I honked and she continued to go slow so I went around here of course she turned into the alley a half a block up.  I am sick and tired of people who shouldn’t be driving, driving.  I hate the people who drive under the speed limit in the passing lane, if you are going speed limit or below move over.   That was the next idiot I encountered this morning.  How often does this happen to you? These people should be ticketed for impeding the flow of traffic.  Please for my sanity and for the sanity of others who have a life, if you are driving under the speed limit or not keeping up with the person in the right lane…… Move over!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 15 school shootings

Who is to blame for all of these school shootings?  I heard an interesting take on it this morning while driving in to work.  I heard a security expert say that we are all to blame.  Me, you, the kids we all are.  With this latest shooting in Florida apparently the guys social media posts had things about hate and wanting to kill cops and wanting to kill a large amount of people.  Aren’t the people who saw these posts at least a little responsible for not saying something (and no I am not blaming the victims)?  We are not living in the same day and age of when we grew up that it is just “Johnny” blowing off steam, today we need to follow through with these kinds of threats, even if it is nothing, as there is a lot more access to weapons than there was before and a lot less regard to life than there ever was.  I really think that if we see something that we need to say something, it doesn’t matter if it is something small or large, if something is out of place or doesn’t seem right say something.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 14 Valentines day

Love is in the air, today is Valentine’s Day. Funny how guys think that this is the one time a year to be romantic, the one time a year to gift flowers, or something special the one time a year - to show our love.  Guys, we can be romantic and loving and still be men ya know. There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile anytime of the year to say something nice, drop off a little gift or just let your loved one know you love them - after all a year is 365 days long.  For those who are new to this way of thinking, you still have the weekend to get a special valentine treat, but remember you have 364 other days to show your love as well.  What is the most romantic gesture you have ever given or received?  This year, I am going to stimulate the local economy and take my wife out for dinner, and maybe a movie, if not its frozen pizza and Netflix.  By the way what’s good on Netflix these days?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 13 La Crosse St

The city of La Crosse wants to fix La Crosse Street, scratch that, needs to fix La Crosse Street and is willing to jump.  TO do it now.  With hopes of getting it paid back from the State of Wisconsin in the future.  The state says nope, we are not going to pay that.  The reason given is that the DOT leaders cited Wisconsin State Statutes as the reason, which says local roads that carry state highway traffic through cities can receive state aid when the road reaches the end of its life, but there is no statute letting municipalities bill the DOT for repairs made before that time.  Do you think that we should go ahead with the repair or should we wait until the state feels it is time to pay up.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 12 tipping

I don’t know if you heard that a waitress from Outback Steakhouse got fired for complaining about a customer not leaving a tip.  When I read the headline, Waitress stiffed a tip on a $735 takeout order, then fired after she complained on Facebook. I miss read it as “Waitress stiffed a tip on a $735 order, then fired after she complained on Facebook” To me those are two different items.  If she were stiffed on a $735 order that she brought to the table that would have sucked, if she got stiffed on a $735 take out order, then, does she really deserve a tip?  When does the line of doing my job because it is my job change to I am only doing my job because I am doing it for a tip.  My kids work at a full service gas station and sometimes they get tips for checking air, washing windows, or pumping gas, most the time they don’t but every once in a while someone give a tip.  Do they do their jobs any less or any more based on if they get a tip, no.  They are doing their jobs because they are doing their jobs.  What is that line for tipping or not tipping?  When is doing your job doing your job?  Is our society going to a pay as you use society?  

Friday, February 9, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 9 toll road

What is wrong with the pay as you go method?  The toll road conversation has poked up again.  And I am not sure how I feel about it.  When we drove to DC last summer I borrowed an I Pass from a friend of mine so we wouldn’t have to stop every 15 minutes to wait in line behind the other cars waiting to give money to the man.  The I Pass allowed me to keep on truckin, to not stop, slow down or even pay as much for my privilege to travel on that section of road.  Would a toll road be that bad?  Sure we would pay more for the privilege to drive on certain highways but if the roads were kept up and saved us time, wouldn’t that be worth it?  

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 8 record store

As a kid I remember going to Great American Music in Har Mar Mall.  You see I used to live 5 houses from the mall in Roseville, Minnesota and I used to save my money and buy a lot of my music there, started as buying albums, then 8 tracks, then cassettes and finally cd’s.  As I started working I would buy more and more then when I got into radio I stopped going to the record stores, I quit buying music, I started getting my music from work.  Enter digital music services like Spotify, Pandora and Slacker as well as Apple iTunes and you have really no need for hard copies of music anymore.  I for one am sorry to see this go away.  Reports are out now that Best Buy is going to quit selling CD’s to me this is weird, as I think the last time that I bought a CD I am pretty sure I bought it at a Best Buy.  What is your favorite way to get music?  For me it is a tossup between listening to the radio and listening to Spotify.  And I never thought I would ever like a digital music service.  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 7 girl scout cookies

The sugar high began last week with the knocking on doors and sales pitch in hand.  I am talking Girl Scout Cookie time.  I am like most the rest of America and am enjoying the different flavors of yesteryear with the thin mints and the carmel delights, also enjoying the new smore cookies as well, only thing that they are missing is the gooey mess, but they taste good just the same.  I saw a few posts on Facebook the last few days about some consumers are upset that the girls are selling the cookies in front of some of the marijuana dispensaries around the country and doing quite well I might add, one girl sold over 300 boxes sitting outside the shop.  Should she have been able to sell them there?  I think so, as long as its legal, what are your thoughts? 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 6 gas tax

As a passenger in my own car the other day while my daughter was practicing driving in the snow, I was sipping on some coffee out of my coffee mug, I was on heightened awareness because she is just learning how to drive, the road was clear with no cars coming it was safe to take a swig of coffee.  I forgot to look at the road itself, the potholes are atrocious.  And I mean bad, sipping on my black coffee ended up with me burning my lip and chin.  The roads in the state of Wisconsin are filled with potholes, and the Governor is now saying that a gas tax hike could be on the table.  I wish we would have had it as a sliding scale tax of a bit higher when the gas prices were so low last year and have them a bit lower now that our prices are around 260 a gallon.  I wondered what our gas taxes in Wisconsin were so I looked them up we pay a federal excise tax of 18.4 cents a gallon, a state excise tax of 30.9 cents and a Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund Act fee of 2 cents.  Would you be willing to pay a bit more at the pump to make the roads better?  I would.  

Monday, February 5, 2018

Daily Dose of BS Feb 4 yesterdays game

A couple of protests over the weekend in the Twin Cities, other than that, from what I’ve seen - a pretty well-behaved group of football fans.  Yesterday marked the 22nd annual Schmidt Family Waffle Bowl, every year since our oldest was born we have had waffles on Super Bowl Sunday.  Kind of weird that we do it because it is the only time during the year that we all have waffles.  Since none of us really cared about who won the game I think that we were in the game to see the commercials, and as a commercial skipper that was a hard thing to do.  Every time that a commercial came on you could feel the tension in the room as the anticipation to skip the commercials was surely there.  So, of the handful of commercials that tried, what were your favorites?  For me, I really liked the Tide commercials and the one for Dodge that had the Vikings in it when they reached Minneapolis and found out they weren’t playing turned around and headed home.  As for the game, I didn’t care who won.