Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 30 call back

What is the proper time to return a message?  Is it different for personal rather than professional?  I try to return messages within the next day part, or at least by the next day.  I dislike when I leave either a voice mail message or an email or a text to someone and I don’t hear back from them.  As I am writing this I feel as though I should clarify if it is someone who I am reaching out to for the first time, or someone I am trying to book as a guest on my show, I am ok with them not getting back to me right away but if it is a friend, or a family member I do wish for a return in the communication as soon as possible.  Unless they can’t or there is something wrong.  I tend to have an active imagination and when I don’t hear back from a loved one I tend to awfulize what has happened to them when they don’t call back, and no one likes to picture a friend upside down in a ditch.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 29 waste

My mom would always say waste not want not.  I have been a believer of this for most my life as I think that we waste too much stuff as Americans.  Look at anyone’s pile on garbage day.  We throw away everything.  I drove by my neighbors the other day and they were throwing away an old waterbed set.  I took the drawers to make bed frames for the family cabin.  It often bugs me at what gets thrown away as there are many people in need that could use much of what is tossed.  I know when the big push for everyone to start using the flat screen tvs that many perfectly good tvs were placed out in the alleys and boulevards.  It really bugs me when bikes get thrown away and the scrappers grab them, I could name 3 kids right now that could use a bike.  And when it comes to food we throw away tons.  What can be done about this problem?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 28 brothers

I got to hang out with my brothers over the weekend.  It is funny we talked about mostly just stuff from when we were kids, no real life changing stuff but enough to make us laugh most of the night.  I don’t get the chance to just hang out with my brothers very often, in fact I think this was the first time that the three of us have hung out without anyone else probably since we were kids.  There usually is a spouse or kid or friend also in the mix.  We didn’t solve any world issues but we didn’t cause any either, we just kicked back and BS’ed.  Sunday morning brought our Dad into the mix he brought over a bottle of Sunny Brook that used to be his fathers, Grandpa Schmidt has been gone for over 25 years and toasted his life and our lives, and talked smack,  it is good to have family.  Best line of the weekend is when my youngest brother said it sure is great to figure out what to do when there are three type A personalities in the room.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 25 media race

In the race to be the first to report on something is the media airing info that shouldn’t be aired?  Yesterday there was a horrific accident on I-90 where there was a fatality it was all over the media, including this radio station.  We reported what had happened and painted the picture as radio can.  On facebook there were photos of the crash site, and the smoke and fire the engulfed the area.  Our local tv stations had crews on the scene shortly after it happened reporting what had happened and today the newspaper has the pictures on the front page of the paper, are we thinking of the families when something like this happens?   Or in our rush to get the news or big story out first we overlook the people involved?  As I look at those pictures as a father and can’t help but to wonder what if that was my child, or a loved one, or someone that was my best friend and I saw it somewhere in the media or heard about it from an acquaintance that happened.   It makes me wonder if in our race to the top if we are on a race to the bottom?  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 24 drugs

I see we have mobile meth labs now in La Crosse, not that they are new to the area but are now more brought to the forefront of attention with the arrest earlier this week.  I had a chance to talk with the Police Chief about this on the air yesterday and am angered that we as tax payers have to pay for the cleanup from the chemical mess that these drugs cause.  If a drug manufacturer is making their meth in a hotel room or any enclosed space it costs thousands of dollars to clean that room afterward because of the chemicals and the health hazards that it cost to fix.  How do we stop the drugs?  Since I am talking about drugs I have a question about the Len Bias law, if it states that if someone dies because of drugs you gave to them, you get charged with murder why wouldn’t it also have in there if a person you gave drugs to who almost died that you get charged with attempted murder?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daily Dose of BS Jule 23 customer service

What ever happened to customer service?  I went into a well-known business and waited 25 minutes before anyone from the business even said hello.  As a consumer it is annoying to go to a place that you spend hundreds of dollars a month just to have their service, and have them offer you no hello.  The deals that these businesses put out are for new consumers if you read their small print, what about keeping a long time customer happy and keeping them as a lifelong customer?  I think that this category of business needs to learn customer service, since the majority of us use their services.  I would also bet that this category of business would have the worst of customer service records in the industry.  Which businesses do you think have the worst of customer service and what should they do to fix this problem?  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 22 air conditioning

I broke down yesterday and turned on the air.  I had only had it on one other day this year but with the heat and the humidity it was time.  When growing up in Roseville, Minnesota we had central air, however I can only recall a handful of days that the air got turned on at the Schmidt house, if we were hot we could go in the basement, it was always cooler down there and there was a ping pong table and a tv.  Fast forward 25 years and I can hear my Dad coming out of me, if you are hot you can go down stairs to watch tv or ride your bike over to the pool.  Anyway I broke down and closed up the house, shut the shades and set the air to 78.  It is still much cooler than outside and with the fans on it isn’t bad and if I need it cooler I can always go downstairs to watch tv, or go to the frozen foods isle at the grocery store.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 21 checks

A friend of mine posted on facebook yesterday that she was stuck behind someone writing a check.  And then continued to ask who still uses checks.  The check book comes out when paying bills but when it comes to purchasing things in stores I tend to either use my debit card or credit card that way I have proof that I bought it.  There have been many times that I misplace or loose a receipt and want to return it, so for me using a card works for my purchases.  Are you still a check writer or are you using plastic or cash to make your purchases?  And do you think that it is bad to write checks?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 18 KISS

Kiss is my favorite band.  I have liked them since the first time I heard Beth.  In fact I remember in 4th grade Mr Gray had a Beth 45 and I won it somehow.  I don’t remember how but it was mine all mine.  When I first started off in radio I got the chance to meet the band as an intern at Hot Rockin 104 in Minneapolis.  It was a dream come true, I got to hang out in the same room as Paul Stanley.  I later got to go back stage at the show with my buddy Jason, who was wearing leather pants, it was the 80’s after all, and Gene Simmons said to him cool pants, Jason started to tell him about the pants Gene just said I didn’t ask for the story but thought they were cool.  I later got to meet some other bands, lots of authors, and politicians, and a sitting president, but my memory of meeting Kiss will always rank up toward the top.  Who have you met?  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 17 lights

The light at Market and West needs to be fixed.  Almost every morning it is red and there are no cars around.  Why not turn it to flash yellow, or weight it like some of the others around there but to have the light cycle through at 5 in the morning is ridiculous.  Who should I contact?  What stink do I need to make, should I picket?  If I do are you in?  My Mom and Step Dad were down from the cities to watch the kids play ball and yesterday we had a game at Trempealeau so we stopped to eat at the Trempealeau Hotel, I have never been there before, but it was funny first person I saw when I walked in was my buddy Todd, then later in the evening I ran into Lisa.  I like to try new things when at a new place and heard of the walnut burger at the Trempealeau Hotel, I tried it with the potato wedges, and washed it down with a New Glarus Moon Man.  What a great night, btw my daughters softball team won.