Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daily Dose of BS Jule 23 customer service

What ever happened to customer service?  I went into a well-known business and waited 25 minutes before anyone from the business even said hello.  As a consumer it is annoying to go to a place that you spend hundreds of dollars a month just to have their service, and have them offer you no hello.  The deals that these businesses put out are for new consumers if you read their small print, what about keeping a long time customer happy and keeping them as a lifelong customer?  I think that this category of business needs to learn customer service, since the majority of us use their services.  I would also bet that this category of business would have the worst of customer service records in the industry.  Which businesses do you think have the worst of customer service and what should they do to fix this problem?  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 22 air conditioning

I broke down yesterday and turned on the air.  I had only had it on one other day this year but with the heat and the humidity it was time.  When growing up in Roseville, Minnesota we had central air, however I can only recall a handful of days that the air got turned on at the Schmidt house, if we were hot we could go in the basement, it was always cooler down there and there was a ping pong table and a tv.  Fast forward 25 years and I can hear my Dad coming out of me, if you are hot you can go down stairs to watch tv or ride your bike over to the pool.  Anyway I broke down and closed up the house, shut the shades and set the air to 78.  It is still much cooler than outside and with the fans on it isn’t bad and if I need it cooler I can always go downstairs to watch tv, or go to the frozen foods isle at the grocery store.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 21 checks

A friend of mine posted on facebook yesterday that she was stuck behind someone writing a check.  And then continued to ask who still uses checks.  The check book comes out when paying bills but when it comes to purchasing things in stores I tend to either use my debit card or credit card that way I have proof that I bought it.  There have been many times that I misplace or loose a receipt and want to return it, so for me using a card works for my purchases.  Are you still a check writer or are you using plastic or cash to make your purchases?  And do you think that it is bad to write checks?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 18 KISS

Kiss is my favorite band.  I have liked them since the first time I heard Beth.  In fact I remember in 4th grade Mr Gray had a Beth 45 and I won it somehow.  I don’t remember how but it was mine all mine.  When I first started off in radio I got the chance to meet the band as an intern at Hot Rockin 104 in Minneapolis.  It was a dream come true, I got to hang out in the same room as Paul Stanley.  I later got to go back stage at the show with my buddy Jason, who was wearing leather pants, it was the 80’s after all, and Gene Simmons said to him cool pants, Jason started to tell him about the pants Gene just said I didn’t ask for the story but thought they were cool.  I later got to meet some other bands, lots of authors, and politicians, and a sitting president, but my memory of meeting Kiss will always rank up toward the top.  Who have you met?  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 17 lights

The light at Market and West needs to be fixed.  Almost every morning it is red and there are no cars around.  Why not turn it to flash yellow, or weight it like some of the others around there but to have the light cycle through at 5 in the morning is ridiculous.  Who should I contact?  What stink do I need to make, should I picket?  If I do are you in?  My Mom and Step Dad were down from the cities to watch the kids play ball and yesterday we had a game at Trempealeau so we stopped to eat at the Trempealeau Hotel, I have never been there before, but it was funny first person I saw when I walked in was my buddy Todd, then later in the evening I ran into Lisa.  I like to try new things when at a new place and heard of the walnut burger at the Trempealeau Hotel, I tried it with the potato wedges, and washed it down with a New Glarus Moon Man.  What a great night, btw my daughters softball team won.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 16 library

How much does the location of a library or a school play into where you live?  Is it really all about location, location, location when you do buy a house?  I specifically bought my house on the south side of La Crosse because it was located close to a library.  When I grew up in Roseville Minnesota we lived about a block from the local library and I was there often, it was in the late 70’s and early 80’s a place to go that was safe, a place for meeting friends and a place for information and I have always craved information.  When I was looking to buy a house in La Crosse I was looking for that as well, I knew I wanted kids and wanted them to have the same opportunity that I had growing up living close to a library.  About a year ago there was talk about closing my south side library and I see that it got a reprieve of a year.  This reprieve includes less hours and no weekend hours.  I guess I will take it but isn’t there a better solution?  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 15 comic books

If you were like me when you were a kid and didn’t really like reading but read cause you had to then today will be a sad day for you.  I remember buying a box of old comics at a garage sale it was jammed full of old Archie comics, there were Garfield and old Snoopy comic books in the box, also old Ripley’s Believe it or Not and lots of Guinness Book of World Records, it was a non-readers dream come true, I could pretend to be looking at the pictures and really read what was going on with the characters.  That box was my entry into reading, and into facts as I read and reread the Guinness and the Ripley’s I also enjoyed the antics of the gang from Riverdale, I read this morning with sadness that they have killed off Archie.  What has the world become when a non-violent comic book hero is killed?  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 14 police

As a home owner I enjoy seeing the cops roam the neighborhoods.  But as a driver, I do not. I saw three police cars this morning and a sheriff’s car on my way into work.  In fact one of the cop cars was sitting at the end of my alley as I was turning out he did a y turn and ended up following me, he was on my tail for over a mile on three different streets, even though I was doing nothing wrong I had the feeling I was going to be pulled over, I wasn’t.  I really dislike when a cop is driving behind you cause you feel like any little deviation of the norm the light will be flipped on.  Ever wish you had ticket writing ability?  I often do, it is funny when you are minding your own business, any witnessing some stupid blatant disregard of the law there is never a police officer to see, and you want to step in to write it up.  I know I would like to write up a few tickets but would certainly never like to be a cop.  If you could write a ticket what would it be for?  

Friday, July 11, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 11 gas

It just hit me that the summer for kids is just about half way done.  Have you done anything yet this summer to write home about?  There have been the local fests like Riverfest,  June Dairy Days, Freedomfest,  Logger Games, kids ball games, camping, boating and summer picnics.  It seems like more and more that once it gets here, it is gone.  I remember when I was a kid that summer seemed to last forever by the time August rolled around that I was so ready to go back to school.  Kids now a days have so much stuff packed in to their lives are they even getting a chance to be kids?  Yesterday for example had to go to Winona for a baseball game, stopped by Bloedows, the Fleet store and got gas, amazing that gas just 30 miles to the north was 28 cents cheaper than in La Crosse. I filled up all nine gallons worth.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daily Dose of BS July 10 IRS

I am able to access my emails from 10 or more years ago.  Most of the things I have said on the radio have been archived as well.  I am guessing if you go to my mom’s house there will be art from when I was a kid.  I don’t understand how a governmental agency an agency that is in charge of our payments to the government, loses its emails unless it has something to hide.   There is also information that is being talked about today about an instant messaging system that was being used for off the record communication.  I don’t get this what about being transparent or being the new better irs.  Will justice be served, will we ever find out what was said in the confines of the irs?  I guess only the walls will know.