Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 28 job

Have you ever taken any online tests?  I took one this morning to see what my ideal job would be, it pegged me to be either a MUSICIANS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, ACTORS, MUSIC COMPOSERS AND ARRANGERS, SINGERS, RADIO AND TELEVISION ANNOUNCER.  Well at least I know I am doing the right job for me.  I am glad that it wasn’t only music because I can’t carry a tune not even in a bag.  I have had many conversations with my kids about what they want to be for a living.  And they know then they don’t know.  I told them to not worry about it because chances are what they choose to do for a living will probably not be what they either study for or will end up retiring from.  I happened to luck out in finding a job that I love doing and have fun doing.  If you can do that you are golden, it isn’t like working a day in your life.  BTW here is that link to the test I took this morning http://time.com/4343767/job-personality-work/?xid=newsletter-brief how did you come out? 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 27 toothbrush

Ever had your toothbrush fall into either the garbage or the toilet?  I have.  This morning I went to grab my toothbrush off the ledge where it sits and it slipped right out of my hands I reached for it and it bobbled right into the garbage, needless to say I left it there.  I wonder why when you drop things that about half the time they do what you don’t want them to do meaning I thought please don’t fall into the toilet, it didn’t, but it fell right into the garbage.  Here is a better example, how many times have you dropped something and had it roll behind something or under something or worse yet fell right into a hole and it was lost and not found without some effort.  I hope that your day is filled with finding things that were lost and for things not falling or getting lost. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 24 staycation

This morning I am broadcasting at Lock and Dam 7.  When was the last time that you came over to the dam to check it out?  For me it has been many years, here is a reminder be a tourist in your own community.  I think we should look at the great things we have in our own back yard the things that we take for granted like the rivers, and lakes.  When was the last time you were out on the water?  How about the bluffs and the many miles of trails both on the bluffs and through the parks.  I also invite you to take in the great local shops in Downtown La Crosse or a short drive to the north there is the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway, many different foods can be found here and you can't forget the salute to this that and the other thing, almost every single weekend we are blessed to live in an area that has fest fairs and fun weekly.  So look around and take in what is around and live life to its fullest.  And share what you have found.   When someone says I am going to La Crosse what do you tell people to check out?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 23 protests

What started off as a 16 hour sit in with many of the democrats protesting, dwindled down to just a few protesters.  The cameras were shut off, however a few of the Democrats vowed to keep it going, do protests work?  I was listening to the Democrats sit in demanding action on gun control.  There are protests all time.  Do they work?  Have you ever changed your mind on something because someone protested?  I am not sure that I have.  I may have had my mind changed for me because of a protest or two, with businesses giving in in the long run, or maybe driving a different way to somewhere because of a protest going on, or something I was at was started later than it should have because of protesters but have I been a part of a protest not that I can think of.  Have you?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 22 traffic

Last night I saw what people are talking about.  We had to be in Galesville last night by 6:15 for my sons baseball game, we left our house by 5:25 to give ourselves a few minutes of wiggle room.  We needed that extra time, the traffic from about Clinton Street all the way north to highway 53 was stop and go.  I was getting irritated and thought to myself how do people deal with this each and every day?  I only usually have to deal with traffic at Christmas time by the mall and when traveling so this was a different feeling for me living in Western Wisconsin.  For those who drive this daily, how do you put up with it?  And for those that don’t ever see it, I wish I could go back to just thinking that we don’t have traffic in La Crosse. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 21 computers

For the past 3 years the La Crosse Schools had I-Pads for the middle schoolers, I know for a fact that bringing this technology into the class rooms has helped out and brought our kids to the front of the class when it comes to technology and computing, as well as finding information and how to use the technology that is available to them.  The La Crosse School District just signed a lease with Apple to pay them 814,378 dollars per year for laptop computers for our current high schoolers.  I think that this a great idea because it levels the playing field for the kids who maybe don’t have the availability of a computer at home.  I do wonder about the exclusive use of Apple computers with the kids though, because in my line of work as well as my wives work we use PC’s rather than Apple computers.  I don’t know if there is a compatibility issue with the two platforms.  And if maybe this may be a hindrance. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 20 Hayden

1995 was the last time that I didn’t get to celebrate Father’s Day since then, I have been a Dad.  Yesterday was an awesome day, I got greetings and presents from my four children.  The biggest joy of being a Dad is the birth of your child, I had been in love before but never loved so much as when my son Hayden was born.  Hayden paved the way for me to be a Dad, he came into the world a month early after my wife Marcia sent 3 months on bed rest.  But it was all worth it.  Usually these birthday greetings are filled with mushy things like In the past 21 years it has been amazing to see him grow into a responsible young man.  How Hayden has been on the Honor Roll every quarter and trimester of his School Career.  As his dad I am so proud of this guy.  He has great friends, who all have high aspirations in life.  He is polite, caring and has a great scene of humor, he is also smart-alecky at times and people always throw at me where do you think he got that.  I don’t know, can you pick that up off a toilet seat somewhere?  I expect many great and exciting things for this young man.  I don’t mean for this to be embarrassing but I am so proud of him.  Hayden I hope you have a great birthday, and remember I always love you buddy. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 17 Fathers Day

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, have you ever thought that Dads get the short end of the stick?  When I was a kid Mother’s Day was that special day of the year when we and by we I mean my brothers and I would always do something above and beyond for our Mom, we would be nice to each other and offer up our services to help with chores around the house pick flowers and give plenty of hugs and kisses.  For Father’s Day we would punch the old man in the arm, and tell him Happy Father’s day and move on.  Dads are an important piece of the puzzle, they help you to become the person you are, as a Dad we are often over looked as a caregivers, I recall when my kids were little and I would watch the kids, and someone would always say oh you are babysitting, how nice.  Not the case, I am a Father and I was parenting my children, as my Father did for my brothers and I.  Parents do not babysit their own children.  For all the lessons taught both when I was a child and the lessons in life that you teach me now I thank you Dad and remember I love you.  Happy Father’s Day.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 16 roads

It has to be true I read it on the internet and heard it on the radio, Wisconsin has some worst roads in the country, ranked number 47th out of 50th.  I am not sure where these people are driving, I for one have driven on much worse roads than the roads here in Wisconsin.  Growing up in Minnesota the roads there are much worse.  My brother in law lives on a dirt road, to get to my parents you have to dodge pot holes that will swallow a car and like here there is road construction all the time.  I lived in Iowa where there were bigger pot holes than there are here.  I am thinking that it depended on where you drive on how you think the roads are.  If you only drive on Lang Drive everyday then your perspective is different than most.  There is talk in Wisconsin of toll roads, and gas tax, and a registration fee increase for your license.  I get that there are bad roads out there, but being at the bottom of list when it comes to driving conditions, I disagree, there are much worse.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Daily Dose of BS June 15 Packer Hat

Last winter my son saw the Packers wearing their cool camo winter hats, he asked for one, and received it for Christmas.  We looked around to get it and finally bought it from a company in Wisconsin.  We purchased it from packertime.com, well after wearing it a few times the elastic in the headband was wrecked, he got it for Christmas 2015 and my January 15th I was contacting the company for exchange, they claimed it was not their fault and put me onto the company New Era Hats I contacted them, the customer service person there was amazing, she took my information and said send it back we will take a look and help you out.  I did just that.  Fast forward to yesterday, I was wondering about the winter hat that I sent back to the New Era Hat Company and called them, the customer service person was pleasant but couldn’t help me even though I had a trail of emails from both the companies involved.  Not that I am telling you not to use either of these companies, because I am not but I know for one I won’t be purchasing anything from either of these two companies ever again, and if you asked me I would suggest against it.