Friday, April 20, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 20 graduating

At 5:45 last night a new chapter of my life began, as the pages of college closed with the taking of my final in Psychology so did the pages of the college chapter.  As I drove away from Western Technical College one last time as a student, I couldn’t help but feel a swelling of pride and accomplishment.  I got the opportunity to take the sales and sales management program at WTC through some grant money and because of hard work some scholarship dollars.  My college journey started after my son started with the program there, he really enjoyed it, and was asking questions about homework, he got me hooked.  This was a great experience, going back to school as an adult showed me that I could do it.  I even got to take a class with one of my sons and tomorrow I graduate with another of my sons.  I couldn’t be prouder of them.  I did learn a lot about myself with this schooling, I especially learned that I really enjoy learning and that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.  For a guy that was a strong C student 30 plus years ago in high school, I proved that if you do the work, read the chapters, and take the tests that you can be an A student.  Congratulations to all who are graduating this weekend and if you are thinking about going back to school, and you need the push to do it, please reach out.  It was worth it.  

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 19th swearing

On average we utter our first swear word about 10:54 am.  They obviously don’t take into account early morning people or people who commute in for their job because I know for a fact that I do most of my swearing either in my car on the way to work or when something f’s up at work.  A study into everyday stresses and frustration of about 2,000 Americans say that most will drop a word that used to get your mouth washed out with soap by 11a while about 25% of us can’t get past 9am without some sort of vulgarity crossing our lips.  I am not sure if I swear because I am stressed or because I can.  But the survey went on to say that 56% of Americans are stressed over money, 36% over lack of sleep, 35% have health problems that they worry about and 30% are stressed by work.  9% are stressed by the environment, while 4% say that the national debt is what gets them.  One of my biggest stressors at home is when the internet is slow that will bring a few choice words, and I am not alone as that is enough to push 52% of us to let one slip.  What stresses you and causes you to swear?   

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 18 safe flight

Every year for the past few years I have taken a vacation every 15 weeks, this year I decided not to, and I don’t know why we are halfway through week number 16 and I have nothing scheduled in the foreseeable future.  This week last year I was in Florida with some friends, that was the last time I took a flight and was the first time I got to sit in first class, a buddy of mine swapped seats with me so that I could have that experience, I have great friends.  Yesterday there was a plane that had engine problems where a piece of the engine broke apart at more than 30,000 feet, spraying metal pieces through the fuselage and forcing the jet to make an emergency landing.  Damn, this goes to show why we need to know our jobs and train and retrain until we can do it in our sleep or without thinking.  I don’t know anyone who was on that flight but I for one am thankful that that pilot knew what to do.  Speaking of vacations, have you ever made a trip off the beaten path to check out the world’s biggest fill in the blank?  

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 17th taxes

Death and taxes the two guarantees in life.  Today is the day for one of those, taxes, you have until midnight tonight to send in your taxes.  Since 1955 tax day has been on April 15th, with a few exceptions, if the 15th falls on the weekend or if patriot day or emancipation day falls on the 15th or the Monday after a weekend where the 15th fell.  What started out as a simple thing, turned into a complicated pile of mess.  I am glad I have an awesome tax accountant and would suggest that everyone get someone that they trust to look at personal and business taxes.  If you cannot get your taxes done by today you should submit IRS Form 4868 so that you can get an automatic six-month filing extension, you can find that form and others at  As for the scammers and cheaters that are out there, shame on you there are lots of people depending on your money.  Happy Tax Day here’s for many happy returns.  Get it?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 16th snow

Obviously over the weekend snow fell, funny how soon we forget, I of course am talking about driving in the snow, I am sure I am not the only person that noticed that people do not remember how to drive in the snow, even though winter just finished a few weeks ago, prior to this latest snow. With the snow came some other events like shoveling and salting, and if you wanted to be young again snowball fights, forts and snowmen. Back to the business of snow.  If you shoveled your walk, great job! I commend everyone who got out and shoveled their walks in the past 24 hours. The road warriors who plow our streets should get medals. I think the majority of those who plow did a great job. But and I know you were waiting for the big but I saw a handful of occasions where a private person or business threw their snow into the city street. You can get ticketed for this, according to a friend of mine who is a cop one of his favorite tickets to write. So when you get your sidewalk or driveway plowed in with snow don’t toss the snow from your sidewalk or driveway back into the street because it is against the law. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 13 fear of the day

The fear of something new and unknown those are the things that scare me, today’s date Friday the 13th, or triskaidekaphobia Try saying that word 5 x fast.  Heck try saying it once, it is a mouthful.  I am not sure what causes the fear of the 13th, the fear of black cats crossing the road, or any other fears or phobias.  Again, not scary.  For me it is speaking in public, which I am working on and new technology at work.  I really do try to embrace the things that scare me.  I think that they help you grow.  Those that listen to my radio show or watch some of my Facebook videos know that I am not a fan of snakes, I have had them in my studio before and the thermometer in the studio jumped by over one degree when they were in the studio but I embraced and even held a couple of them.  What are some strategies that you have used to overcome fear? 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 12 gun tshirts

When it comes to free speech is it all free?  Matthew Schoenecker a high school freshman at Markesan High School about an hour and a half from Milwaukee was told to change his shirt, or spend the day in an isolated cube, not for what he said, but for what he wore.  You see Matthew names his school in a lawsuit because he is trying to exercise his right to defend his First Amendment right to support the Second Amendment.  His T-shirt spells out the word love with the letters in LOVE formed by a handgun, grenade, two knives and an assault rifle.  Is this shirt appropriate to be wearing at a High School?  

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 11 Facebook

I am a Facebook user, I use Facebook many times throughout the day, when I first wake up I look at it, I spend time on it while I am at work, I look at it when I get home from work and while I am watching tv at night.  I am a Facebook junky.  I use much of what I read and look at on Facebook to gather opinions from others and use the news feeds for gathering some of the news going on around in my community from why are the cops screaming down Losey Boulevard to where is that smoke coming from to what happened to Joe?  I use my Facebook account to keep up to date and to keep informed.  Yesterday while perusing Facebook, I came across the story of a manager of a mall store that fed a 16-year-old girl marijuana and booze then sexually assaulted her in the back room of a store.  That made me sick, but it also opened up dialog between my kids and I last night.  I agree that we spend too much time on Facebook but some of the time we spend on it can be helpful.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 10 overdoses

With an average of about one every other week it is not very promising, the La Crosse County Health Department released the number of drug overdoses last year totaling at least 26 people.  There were 16 men and 10 women between the ages of 21 and 73 who died from drug overdoses.  Of those who died 17 had prescription painkillers in their systems 14 had fentanyl, 7 had heroin, 7 had methamphetamine and fifteen of them had a combination of drugs in their system.  Totaling 26 deaths in 2017 or an average of one every other week.  So sad.  La Crosse County Health Department is now working on a way to combat these overdoses with a goal of 6 policies of programs in place by end of August.   The county’s new overdose death review team will be studying these cases to see if there was missed opportunities for intervention, and work toward developing strategies to reduce drug deaths. I wonder if we are all to blame because of the glamorization of the drug culture with shows like Breaking Bad?  I watched the show and rooted for Walter White.  

Monday, April 9, 2018

Daily Dose of BS April 9 buses

I am guessing that high school students and high school athletes travel millions of miles every year with going on field trips to traveling for games with other schools.   Over the past few days there have  been a couple of accidents that have made the international news.  First the bus that was carrying a Canadian Jr’s Hockey team.   Early this morning there was an accident of a coach bus and an overpass in New York.  A bus carrying about 38 kids coming back from spring break hit an overpass.  There was a bus accident last week, thankfully with no fatalities.  Are buses safe?  Should seat belts be worn in school buses?  Would they be used if they did install them, would they cause more harm than good?  Should there be more safety persuasions when it comes to both charter buses and school buses?