Monday, March 2, 2015

Daily Dose of BS March 2 open records

The state of Wisconsin has an open records law that seems quite troubling, if you are a marketer, you can request each of a school districts students name, address, picture, etc.  This needs to end.  Not tomorrow or the day after but today.  I worry about the pedophiles, and other weirdos that are looking for names, and addresses of kids.   What even brought this up is that a marketing firm that is looking to market the school voucher program wants to send school paraphernalia to parents of kids to get them to jump to private school using the voucher program.  This is another program that I don’t get; don’t we have good schools in the state?  I appreciate that there are religious schools available and other non-traditional schools out there, but if you want to go to them, shouldn’t that be on your dime?  Am I missing something?  Anyway back to my first thoughts, I don’t want the names and ages of my kids being given to anyone, let alone a marketing group, is nothing sacred anymore?  

Friday, February 27, 2015

Daily Dose of BS Feb 27 drinking

Being smart begins with choices.  We have all heard the news stories about how a couple drinks can be good for you and may help your heart but only a couple.  More reports are coming out that say low-to-moderate alcohol consumption is linked to a reduced risk of heart attack. It’s not clear if it is all types of alcoholic beverages, cause I my favorite is an ice cold beer or perhaps a good whiskey it also says that there is an increased risk of harm when drinking goes from moderate to heavy saying that having 6 or more drinks in the past 24 hours is associated with a 40% increased risk of heart attack, isn’t that how most people drink?  They binge and average out the couple a day over a weekend?  Whatever the case for you and your group of friends, be careful this weekend, and be safe, also remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Daily Dose of BS Feb 26 right to work

When I moved to La Crosse back in 1992 it was to work at a radio station.  When I was hired they had me sign a three month no compete, and said that even if I didn’t sign it that Wisconsin was or wasn’t a right to work state I don’t remember but I remember that they said that my non-compete it would hold up in court.  I had no idea what Right to Work meant then, and I still have no idea what a Right to Work State means to me now.  I have never been in a union, nor do I ever see myself being in one since I am a middle aged radio personality and don’t see myself moving from this market anytime soon.  From what I understand the proposal in Wisconsin would make it a crime to require private sector workers who aren’t in a union to pay dues.  If it truly is that simple, I don’t get the problem, but I am assuming that since the government is involved that it is much more than just that.  Supporters say it’s about workers freedoms, while detractors say it will hurt businesses and lower wages.  Since I really don’t know, how can wages be lowered or how can it hurt business by making this a right to work state?  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Daily Dose of BS Feb 24 cans

I admit it I was wrong.  I was upset and complaining about the garbage cans and recycling that was forced down our throats about a year ago.  I complained too soon.  When the big 96 gallon garbage can was dropped off and the equally sized recycling bin was also dropped off I was like right my family of six will fill that up and nothing will go in that huge recycling bin.  Ha I was wrong and glad I was, I love the system, it cleaned up my alley, the 96 gallons for trash is plenty in fact I asked my single neighbor if she could get the bigger cans just so I would have room for excess trash, we have only added to her recycling bin, we went from just a few recycling items to 96 gallons of recycled stuff every other week.  It takes a big man to admit it but as I started out, I was wrong.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Daily Dose of BS Feb 23 safety

Does the 1982 Men Without Hats song Safety Dance come to mind after Al Shabaab calls for an attack on the Mall of America?  I am not making light of the fact that the Mall of America is being called out by name, but I really did start hearing the beat of that song when I first read about the called for act in Minnesota.  I wonder how many people take these threats seriously.  Did the call for violence or terrorism stop you from going to a mall over the weekend?  I was out by the mall yesterday and it didn’t seem as though in La Crosse that any less people worked their way to the mall.  Do we let threats dictate our lives?  I think if we are all vigilant and if we see something that seems off or odd that we say something and look out for each other that we will have that much more of a chance of being safe.  I hope that we don’t live our lives in fear over the ranting of one person or another or that we let someone words put a damper on our lives.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Daily Dose of BS Feb 20 words to live by

We all have words to live by, things that we want to pass on to our kids.  My Dad always used to say that a moment of laxity can cause an eternity of regret, when I was younger I didn’t know what that meant, I do now.  We all have those bits of advice that we have heard from mentors, what are some that you have heard?  Some of my favorites include - Give at least one genuine compliment every day.  Take responsibility for what you did.  Promise to do better next time … and actually mean it.  Help people without expecting things in return. And finally try to see the good in people … including yourself.  What are some of the words that you live by? 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Daily Dose of BS Feb 19 customer service

Customer service is on top of my mind this morning as I had conversation about it yesterday and heard a national story about how Walmart is at the bottom of the food chain and has become America’s Most Hated Store.  I am taking a class on customer service and time and time again the store gets called out by students.  I don’t think I agree with having the pleasure of being the worst, but they still have a long way to go to crack the top ten.  I like when I shop at a place and there are staff members around to answer questions about whatever I am looking for, and I feel as though not only are the big guys lacking on this but often times some of the smaller chains have these same issues.  We as Americans are always pushing for low cost items, having customer service, and I mean good customer service costs money.  I think that paying a fair price for something and getting great customer service is better than paying the rock bottom price and no customer service.  What are some extremes of service you have received?  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Daily Dose of BS feb 18 stickers

When my kids were young I always loved seeing the bumper stickers that said inappropriate things.  The questions that followed were always welcome.  There was a truck that used to be on the South Side of La Crosse that had he vinyl lettering that said my other toy has (begins with t ends with t and has an I in the middle) I remember that conversation with my kids like it was yesterday.  On the internet we see lots of people post what they think is funny or those who want to make a political statement, in fact the other day I say someone post the bumper sticker on their facebook page that said “I work hard because millions on welfare depend on me”.  What brought this up as a topic is yesterday when driving home from work I saw a car ahead of me with pink on the trunk, I drove up on it to see what the pink tape was for and the owners of the vehicle had written in bright pink duct tape across the trunk of the car “Walker Sucks”.  I also recall seeing a few bigger stickers with the frequently asked questions monogram lettered on the back of a few vehicles which is fine until you phonetically say the letters together.   

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Daily Dose of BS Feb 17 ash trees

I just read that neighborhoods are going to be a changing April 11, 2015 the landscape along Losey Boulevard will be a bit sparse.  The city of La Crosse will be eradicating the Ash Tree from the fabric of the city.  I am guessing that when we drive down Losey on April 12th we will notice the clear cutting of the Ash trees from the boulevard.  Besides the loss of the trees we will be viewing the exposed stumps of 117 Ash trees that have been cut down in hopes of eradicating the Emerald Ash Borer.  It saddens me to think that all these trees will soon be gone from our beautiful city, and that our lovely canopy of leaves will for a long time be missing from the city streets.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Daily Dose of BS Feb 16 basketball

I was at a basketball tournament at Central over the weekend.  There are a lot of bad sport parents in the stands, in fact one of the parents sitting over to the side of me was screaming and yelling and questioning the refs at every call.  I am glad I wasn’t sitting right in front of him.   I wasn’t the only one who was upset by this guy’s behavior; I also think that his “from the stands” coaching caused the kids to loose.  Which brings me to my next thought on this, I have mentioned in the past that my kids are never going to be professional sports stars but they try, and they have fun playing the game, so when the kids are there at every practice and work hard at practice and show up to play the game, play the kids.  I don’t care if you play the kids for 2 minutes a game, play each of the kids, not just your favorite, how do you expect these children to get better.  It is a game you know, especially when the kids playing this game are 13 years old, and it isn’t an A team not by far.  All I can say is I am glad that this season is over and I am guessing that others on the team are also happy.